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Dedicated VPS Plans

Standard and Plus accounts will show free domain after selecting quarterly payment plan during the checkout process. Click for full details.

Remember - as our plans go from low to high the number of sites hosted on each Hybrid VPS drop. This means that our pricing isn't just about disk space, or number of domains.

For example a Diamond Plan may be appropriate for twenty small sites, or for one large site that gets many page views per day.

We have groups of servers where each grouping has less customers on each server. The highest

Disk Space is shown based on servers having higher end 10,000RPM and 15,000RPM drives. Unlike most hosting companies who use "Psychological Marketing" and offer amounts of space a Drupal site would never be able to use, we try to provide real world numbers that 95%+ of users will be under.

Plans are geared towards fast drive access, not large amounts of slow consumer grade disk. The reality of the situation is that a 146GB 15000RPM hard drive costs a significant amount more than a 2GB 7200 RPM drive. Attaching drives locally in a RAID array for fast SQL access costs significantly more than hanging a bunch of cheap drives off a NAS/SAN.

SSH is available upon request and Drush will work with our service.

Plan Standard v4 Plus v4 Super v4 Platinum v4 Diamond v4
$9.99 $14.98 $24.96 $49.00 $69.00
Number of Domains hostable
(as parked multisite)*
2 2 5 10 20
Number of customers we
place on each server**
-========- -====- -==-
MySQL Databases 2 3 6 11 21
Dedicated IP
for additional fee?
RAID Disk Space 1.5GB 3 GB 7 GB 12 GB 20 GB
Bandwidth 100000MB 150000MB 200000MB 350000MB 500000MB
Subdomains for
Development Only
1 1 2 3 4
POP3 E-Mail Boxes 15 30 40 50 65
Free Domain w/
Quarterly Pay ***
Free Domain w/
Monthly Pay ***
Plan Standard Plus Super Platinum Diamond
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* Additional domains are given as parked domains. These must be setup using Drupal Multisite. Using multisite allows efficent utilization of PHP opcode cache software which could not be done otherwise.
** This is meant as a representational example of what we do. Standard and Plus plans share a server type. Super and Platinum servers have less customers on each server, and finally Diamond plans have the fewest people per server.
*** First year only.