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Drupal Centric Web Hosting designed for the Drupal Community Customer Service
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Asheville, NC
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Initial Domain Registration, Transfer, One Year Extension on Transfers
(shared hosting only)

Disk Space, and Disk Hardware

    500GB Consumer SATA Drive - $105
    146GB 15000RPM Enterprise Class SCSI - $275
  • All servers are equipped with hardware level RAID controllers with battery back up. One of these controllers costs us close to $300
  • Most web hosting companies proclaim massive amount of disk space, knowing that 99% of customers will use far less than that. We won't use psychological marketing tactics.
  • We will appeal to people who value speed over quantity. Drupal depends on fast, quick disk and CPU.
  • Quality of disk access is more important to our customers than quantity.

As customers come to us and stay, we will reinvest our money in high quality, enterprise class, high speed drives.

Bandwidth and Internet Access

We will locate in data centers that value quality and diversity of Internet connections over cost. Quality Bandwidth is more important to us than cheap bandwidth.

Employee Policy

We will maintain a high standard in regard to our treatment of employees. Full time staff will receive medical, dental, and generous vacation and holiday packages.

Outsourcing Policy

We will not send our main technical support numbers out of country to low paid workers. Our phone systems will be answered by technicians who are treated well and paid a fair wage unless we are hiring very young workers or college students and hiring them into beginning (internship equivalent jobs, first jobs, job training positions) postions.