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About Drupal Hybrid VPS Hosting

Many people have discoverd that hosting a Drupal website on a traditional shared hosting account can be a harrowing experience.

Drupal is very memory and CPU intensive - especially some of the contributed modules which may not be optimized as well as they can be.

Often people are told to buy a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or at some point a dedicated server. What we have done is create a solution where all plans run on a VPS. As plans increase in price we reduce the total number of sites per VPS or increase the specifications (the "power") of the VPS.

This allows you to grow as traffic or site complexity grows - the basic underlying systems remain constant. In a sense it is like being on a managed VPS. Hot Drupal manages security, installs patches and monitors the systems. As traffic grows, or your Drupal site's complexity increases, it's a piece of cake to move up to the next plan.

In many cases customers find our higher end plans, each hosting a small number of customers, can totally replace their need for a VPS and save a significant amount of money!

Features and Advantages:

  • The main systems - web server software, PHP interpreter, database software - are all configured and optimized for running Drupal.
  • Because you share a VPS with others running Drupal, the web server can concentrate on caching and buffering Drupal specific tasks in memory.
  • When patches and new versions of software are released we can concentrate on upgrading systems and only worry about how upgrades affect Drupal. We aren't stuck worrying about how changes will affect hundreds of unique pieces of sofware.
  • Easy upgrade path. As our plans move up in price, the capability and/or "sites per VPS" adjust accordingly. Without any major changes to your site you can easily migrate all the way up to a dedicated VPS.