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Drupal Centric Hosting

We take the term Drupal Centric hosting seriously.

Our Hybrid-VPS servers have one purpose. Serving Drupal webpages.

Each server is built by hand. We hand compile and tune Apache, PHP, PHP accelerators and other systems to work with Drupal. There is no magical WYSIWYG graphics screen where someone is pushing a button that says "upgrade" and we cross our fingers and hope it works.

Our PHP integration includes only those add-ons which are required to make Drupal and Drupal modules work. How do you spot a pretender? They brag about how their PHP supports everything, just look at the fifteen different modules they have added! We customize our PHP so only the things needed for Drupal are in it. If you find a module or add-on that needs some support, we will add it for you.

Because your Hybrid-VPS server is only running Drupal, we don't need to have twenty five different pieces of software and complex configurations. When we upgrade PHP or Apache we (and you too) only worry about how it will affect Drupal.