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Initial Domain Registration, Transfer, One Year Extension on Transfers
(shared hosting only)
Drupal Centric Hosting

All Super, Platinum, and Diamond Plans get a FREE initial domain registration and/or transfer.

Standard and Plus plans paid quarterly get a FREE initial domain registration and/or transfer.

Standard and Plus will show a domain as costing money during the initial check out process. Once you get to the point in the checkout process where you can select Quarterly payment the price will reflect as free.

Dedicated VPS plans are not included in this offer.

All domain transfers get an additional year of registration FREE. This only applies to domains which have not been renewed in the last 60 days.

You must keep your account for at least one billing cycle for free registration or transfer. If you cancel your account prior to the completion of one billing cycle you will be charged $7.95 for all domains which have received free registration and/or transfer.

This offer is only valid for domain registration/tranfer at account sign up. Customers who sign up for an account without registering/transferring at that time are not eligible for this offer.

Offer valid for the following top level domains: .com, .org, .net, .biz, .info, .name, and .us